Cell Phone Version
Designs (all Google Compliant)
In 2015 Google.com stated
they would decrease
website rankings if all
pages are not mobile
friendly from a cell phone.
That policy began in late
2016. We try to follow what
Google wants because they
have over 70% of all
Internet search moving
through their website or
other websites they supply
the search results for.

You've probably noticed that
a website that is the most
user friendly for a cell phone
is designed differently than
one that is meant for
viewing on a desktop,
laptop, or tablet. The cell
phone screen size requires
dividing a website's page
information into multiple
pages, sometimes several
pages, so that it's user
friendly. For instance, an
auto insurance services
page usually has many
sections about the coverage
and all on one page. That
isn't practical for a user
friendly cell phone version.
The topic of auto insurance
will need a menu page with
links to other pages
explaining the coverage
topics. This gives the visitor
a quick and easy way to
drill-down to a topic area
within auto insurance, if they
so choose. Otherwise, you
present your visitor with a
very long and possibly
irritating to them need to
scroll down the page. Not to
mention the extra time it
may take for a non-user
friendly cell phone website
page to open.

What we build for you is
dozens of pages to better
serve the unique challenge
that the cell phone small
display offers. For example,
if your website has 15
insurance services pages
and 15 quote forms. That
will translate to about 100
pages for the cell phone
friendly version to
appropriately display the
same material.
You can enter a page link
from any of the client cell
phone design examples
below at the Google testing
site page link shown below
to confirm that they
Click on an example
below to see functionality
from your cell phone.
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