SSL Security License
for Website Pages
Our website service plan
includes a 256-bit strength
SSL website security license
from GeoTrust. Your quote
request forms will display
the well recognized "security
pad lock" icon in your
website visitors browser.
The pad lock icon if clicked
on displays security report
information about the SSL
license. There is also a
GeoTrust license clickable
logo on each form page. We
believe this will make most
visitors to your website feel
more secure about
providing personal
information such as auto
VIN# or social security
number over the Internet.

We began in 2017 building
all new websites and
upgrading pre-2017
websites, so that every
website page has SSL
A couple of the questions to
ask an insurance website
services company before
hiring them to build and
manage your website.

1. Do you provide SSL
secure quote request forms
with up to 256 bit

2. Will all pages of my
website have SSL security
to meet the forthcoming and Chrome
Internet browser
Before 2017
Chrome Internet
Browser from Google
Example of Chrome
browser window for our
auto insurance quote form
page. Their quote forms are
SSL secure and the
Google Chrome browser
now notes that security in
the browser window.
As of March 2017, Google
has announced plans to in
the future require all
website pages have SSL
security. They have not
announced a date of when
non-conformity to that will
have a negative affect on
website rankings at
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