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Pay-per-click advertsing with is one of the most effective and least expensive forms of direct marketing available today to the small
and mid-size insurance agency. "Pull Marketing" or drawing perspective clients to your website, has been brought to a very high level of success
with Google's pay-per-click advertising program, AdWords., which is operated by Microsoft, is another effective pay-per-click
advertising source.
The Google content network comprises hundreds of thousands of high-quality websites, news pages, and blogs that partner with Google to display
targeted AdWords ads. When you choose to advertise on the content network, you can expand your marketing reach to targeted audiences--and
potential customers--visiting these sites every day. There's no larger network for contextual advertising in the world.
We were asked by a few clients who still purchase leads or buy PPC ads in addition to the leads generated by their website, if we can manage
their Google or Bing pay-per-click advertising program or start one for them. We offer these services to a limited number of clients in order to
provide even more website benefits for their business. If this type of service interests you as well, learn more below.

1. We build the advertising campaign with Google based on your targeted needs, whether one type of insurance service listed or several. You will
have access to it online at any time with a password to review progress.

2. We build additional pages on your website to better track results. The leads will forward to you in the same manner as now because visitors
from the Google PPC ads will come to your website and contact you by filling out a form or calling you.

3. You set a monthly PPC budget with us and we will set a daily PPC budget with Google for the advertising campaign. This guarantees that the
PPC budget you set will not be exceeded.

4. We require the monthly PPC budget amount that you've chosen to be paid in advance. Payments must be made online by credit
card to assure timely payment in advance.

5. Our services fee for managing the program with Google or Bing will be $75 per month for monthly PPC budgets of less than $500. Monthly
PPC budgets over $500 will be charged $75 plus 1% of monthly PPC budget amount.

Initial Account Set-Up Fee of $45. (1-time charge)

Example 1: $200 monthly Google PPC budget will be charged $75 to manage; your total monthly cost is $275 (You pay us and we pay Google)

Example 2: $400 monthly Google PPC budget will be charged $75 to manage; your total monthly cost is $475

Example 3: $600 monthly Google PPC budget will be charged $81 to manage; your total monthly cost is $681

6. We have many years of PPC advertising experience with both Google and Bing. The number of leads that will be generated depends on
several factors, such as which insurance coverage you want the advertising to focus on, budget amount, your population base, and the size of the
area that you want to generate leads from.
Targeted Advertising [State-wide, Regionally, or Locally only]
Higher ROI
Features Include
Inter-day Tracking & Results [you can review the results in your own account at or]
Contact us today to answer any questions about this service that WILL bring more insurance leads to your insurance agency!
Google refers approximately over 40% of search traffic to insurance sites - more than all other search engines
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