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Our website hosting services include email spam protection at the server level, so less spam is delivered to your computer or cell phone. Our
website hosting servers have up-to-date virus software designed for blocking delivery of virus containing emails and spam emails. In addition, you
should always have virus blocking software on your work computer and email software.

Unfortunately, the only way to completely eliminate spam is to have an opt-in only email for your insurance agency business, which is not a viable
alternative for any insurance agent that wants prospective clients to contact them looking for insurance coverage services.
Our website service plan includes a 256-bit strength SSL website security license from GeoTrust. Your quote request forms will display the well
recognized "security pad lock" icon in your website visitors browser. The pad lock icon if clicked on displays security report information about the
SSL license. There is also a GeoTrust license clickable logo on each form page. We believe this will make most visitors to your website feel
more secure about providing personal information such as auto VIN# or social security number over the Internet.
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