Full-Service Website Management Service Plan - $95 per month (paid quarterly) NO CONTRACT!
We could try to impress you with a very long list of services or options that you have no idea what they really do, or whether you need them,
or will ever use them. Every time we read one of those long option lists of our competitors we almost expect to see "car undercoating rust
protection" listed. Below are the primary functions we provide your insurance agency. Straight forward. Not complicated. Since 2002!
Facebook, Google+ and Twitter insurance content posting services
Website Updates (additions to insurance content we produce or info you want added)
Website Hosting
SSL Security Encryption License for All Pages of your website, not just the quote forms
Search Engine Optimization for Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, and the others (not just once, but ongoing regular updating)
Email / Webmail with Spam Blocking
Standard Features Include
Insurance quote forms that instantly forward lead information to you
Free Domain Name
Options for Additional Charge
Pay-Per-Click Internet search engine advertising services for Google & Bing
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