Posting Services for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter
Social Media Account Services ( NO CONTRACT! )
We offer social media management for your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter business accounts. You have enough to do without also
using your time writing content for your social media pages. Social media platforms are a powerful way to spread the word about your
business, to interact with clients, and potential clients. This an added expense option that is not included in our standard features.

We believe the Facebook program in particular is a competitive step for an insurance agency to address the increased role that Facebook
plays in generating excellent search engine results and also to provide a positive informative presentation to its many local users and
online insurance shoppers in your area. For as little as $40 per month we will post new content produced by us and pre-approved
by you to your Facebook page or Google+ page (100 word minimum per post).
4 unique Facebook posts per month - $40 per month
8 unique Facebook posts per month - $70 per month ( big discount )
Click on the Facebook or Google+ logo below to visit the account that we manage for our client, Texans Insurance & Financial Group of
Sugar Land, Texas.
( same individual pricing for Google+ posting )
4 Facebook & 4 Google+ posts per month - $60 per month, MOST POPULAR / same content used
8 Facebook & 8 Google+ posts per month - $95 per month ( BIG DISCOUNT ) / same content used
Combined Facebook & Google+ Program
It's time to shift more of your advertising dollars from phone book ads to the Internet! It's time to compete better for your local
Internet insurance shopper!
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